The Best Microsoft Teams Mind Mapping Apps for Collaboration

As the world of work continues to evolve, businesses of all sizes are looking for new ways to align, synchronize and empower their people. Sometimes that means investing in the right tools to improve Microsoft Teams collaboration.

It’s no secret that hybrid working is the future of many brands. About 60% of employees say their work-life balance has improved since they started working in hybrid mode. Additionally, many brands have seen an increase in cost savings and efficiency since the introduction of hybrid working.

One of the most popular tools for enabling hybrid working today, Microsoft Teams is a great way to bring teams together. The application allows everything, from screen sharing to videoconferencing, to synergize your teams. But what if there is a specific aspect of collaboration that you need to improve in the Teams space?

For staff trying to bring teams together with mind mapping functionality, a host of easy-to-use add-ons and extensions are available. Here are some of the best mind mapping apps for Microsoft Teams collaboration.

This list is in no particular order

  1. Mind Meister

MindMeister is a popular Microsoft Teams collaboration app that allows teams to share knowledge and ideas in real time. You can create and edit mind maps in your existing Microsoft Teams channels. This means taking notes, visualizing project plans, and coming up with strategies for team success is as easy as it gets.

the Mind master app for Microsoft Teams ensures employees don’t have to jump into separate software offerings to explore ideas with co-workers. You can also give your employees an individual “personal tab” for their MindMeister dashboard in Teams. Features include:

  • Collaborate on real-time mind maps
  • Add icons, videos and images to map topics
  • Add links, files and notes to cards
  • Comment and vote on topics in real time
  • Easily turn mind maps into dynamic slideshows for presentations
  1. WALL

Mural takes a slightly different approach than most mind mapping apps on Microsoft Teams. This app has a heavy focus on visuals, making it a great choice for your teams to use drawing and sketching utensils to get their thoughts across.

the WALL APP integrates with a range of Microsoft 365 tools, including Office, Teams, and Outlook, so employees can easily access their favorite whiteboard features from anywhere. There’s even the ability to create teams in tabs where people can upload their whiteboards for others to work on. Features include:

  • Real-time visual cartographic collaboration
  • Access to custom and personal tabs
  • Notification bot included
  • Messaging extension for notifications
  1. Mindomo

Another popular choice for aficionados of modern mind mapping apps, Teams visually explore complex ideas and tasks in a structured, easy-to-follow format. Commonly adopted in business, education and personal development settings, Mindomo can help staff create creative solutions to a range of problems.

The app is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and offers various import and export options. You can fully customize each card with icons and colors. Also, if some of your mind maps contain more sensitive information, you have the option to password protect them. Mindomo features include:

  • Real-time collaboration on customizable mind maps
  • A range of import and export formats
  • Password protection for peace of mind
  • Desktop version to allow users to work online
  • Presentation mode with integrated audio and visual files
  1. MindMup

Simple and efficient, MindMup empowers today’s teams to create visual ideas using spider diagrams, mind maps, concept maps, and hierarchical charts. If you’re new to using tools like this in a digital environment, MindMup comes with various templates and easy-to-follow designs to get you started.

MindMup combines a simple visual interface with a range of embeddable options for interactive collaboration within your Microsoft Teams channels. You can share mind maps and share them with other team members and download your maps in the format that suits you best. The solution enables everything from storyboards to project planning. Features include:

  • Themes for mind maps and storyboards
  • Real-time, hands-on collaboration on shared ideas
  • Drafting of structure and management of plan or project
  • Publish and export your mind map
  • Easily share maps with the whole team.
  1. MindGenius online

Popular among students and teachers in today’s hybrid learning environment, MindGenius online is a great way to get Microsoft Teams users working together. The easy-to-use and effective mind mapping software is ideal for everything from project management to helping your teams find simple solutions to a complex problem.

The mind mapping environment can be customized to suit your team’s needs, and you can even add branding elements to make the maps you share more unique to your business. You can also assign tasks from mind maps to your employees within Teams. Features include:

  • Access to Unsplash images for visual mapping
  • Easy to upload and share your mind mapping content
  • Personalized mind mapping environment and task board.
  • Access to task assignment in Microsoft Teams
  • A range of handy templates to get you started
  1. Huddo Boards

More than just a basic mind mapping tool for Microsoft Teams collaboration, Huddo Boards helps enable all kinds of project management. The handy and easy-to-use tool integrates with Microsoft Teams to provide a comprehensive way to track all kinds of tasks and teamwork. You can create everything from mind maps to timelines and Kanban boards in the same environment.

The easy-to-use service comes with lists to categorize your tasks and task assignments, so you can get people on track on your team right after completing a mind map. Notifications in Microsoft Teams are also supported for real-time updates. Some of the features of Huddo Boards include:

  • Assignment of tasks, notifications and follow-up
  • Mind maps, timelines and Kanban board layout
  • Integration with a range of Microsoft 365 productivity tools
  • Team profile icons for drag-and-drop assignments
  • Convenient and customizable layout to fit any team

With so many tools to explore and new apps constantly appearing on the Microsoft ecosystem, there is no shortage of ways to equip your teams with mind mapping tools.

Norma A. Roth