The FIRST Perfusio Corp study passes the 100 patient milestone for its Perfusio-ARMUS cloud repository


GREENVILLE, North Carolina, September 21, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Perfusio Corp, a medical device company pioneering real-time visualization of infusion and blood flow through its Certes â„¢ surgical imaging technology, has captured more than 100 patient images in his study in first person (FIRST) in the Perfusio-ARMUS cloud repository. The FIRST the 100-patient stage of the study consolidates the foundation for the continued growth of the machine learning capability of the Certes â„¢ platform for future predictive analytics intended to assist surgeons with immediate visualization of blood flow and blood flow. real-time infusion.

The FIRST study, designed as a multi-site study, currently has twenty-five physicians in nine surgical subspecialties who are study investigators. (The use of Certes â„¢ is not limited to any specific subspecialty or procedure under its FDA 510 (k) Class II clearance.)

“The potential of the Certes â„¢ platform to visualize, in real time, possible surgical complications, mitigate them and improve patient outcomes is incredible,” commented Gyula Sziraczky, CEO of ARMUS. “This milestone for surgical image capture lays the foundation for lifelong learning and predictive analytics – a real game-changer anytime a surgeon needs to see immediate infusion and blood flow in the operating room. “

“This is a major achievement for our company,” commented Monte B. Tucker, CEO of Perfusio. “The Perfusio-ARMUS repository can now expand at an exponential rate to truly support predictive analysis – in real time – of perfusion and blood flow in the surgical setting. “

The Perfusio-ARMUS cloud repository serves as a “back end” to Perfusio’s knowledge platform, based on the company’s multispectral physiological visualization (MSPV) medical imaging technology solutions. MSPV captures, analyzes and displays the true dynamic physiology of perfusion and blood flow in intact and diseased tissue, by immediate real time. Unlike other real-time surgical imaging devices, the MSPV integrated into the Certesâ„¢ The device is non-contact, non-invasive, does not need dyes or contrast agents, and does not use ionizing radiation. On the device, the immediate display of dynamic perfusion analysis is AI-based – new knowledge for surgeons not available in today’s standard care practice. Once the procedure is complete, this data is downloaded securely from the device into the Perfusio-ARMUS repository. Surgeons can access their own patient data through the secure surgeons web portal to view, compare and gain additional new knowledge about the distribution of blood flow in tissues.

About Perfusio Corp and Certes â„¢

Perfusio Corp is a Greenville, North Carolina-based medical device company engaged in the development and commercialization of innovative and transformational platform technologies for non-invasive surgical imaging. Approved by the FDA in 2019 as iCertainty â„¢, Perfusio’s Certes â„¢ enables surgeons to view the dynamic physiology of blood flow and perfusion in surgical tissue, using a proprietary combination of multispectral imaging and AI-enhanced laser speckle contrast analyzes with real immediate effect. display of quantified tissue perfusion time. This visualization cannot be seen in current standard care practice with the human eye and visible light. With Certes â„¢, the surgeon has immediate new knowledge to determine where normal and subnormal tissue perfusion is present. Since dyes and ionizing radiation are not used, imaging can be repeated as often as needed before, during, and after the procedure. With this new knowledge, surgeons identify and solve problems, avoid potential complications, and improve patient outcomes. The documentation survives the procedure using a cloud-based image repository for benchmarking, post-surgical review, future machine learning, and predictive analytics. Perfusio holds an exclusive license on 14 patents surrounding its technologies, with more than 20 additional patents pending.


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