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Training a pet is much more difficult than giving your dog a treat every time he almost goes out to relieve himself. And raise a cat? It’s basically like having a very opinionated toddler who will definitely eat your precious houseplants. It is difficult to care for and train your pets. Holly and Hugo Pet eLearning: Lifetime Subscription can give you incredible tips and lessons to give you and your pets the best life you can have together. It’s on sale for just $99 (reg. $199).

This subscription gives you access to everything in the Holly and Hugo Pet Care system. You will get over 28 courses and over 145 lectures which is over 870 hours of content. Topics range from animal behavior to dog training and even finding a career with animals. Take the first steps to working with animals for life or keep things close and train your dog to stop biting your couch.

50% off this set of animals Holly and Hugo_1

Some of the lessons you’ll learn from Holly and Hugo Pet eLearning won’t be what you expected, but you’ll probably be glad you found them. It is rated 4.6/5 stars on TrustPilot, where one reviewer praised the pastry class, writing: “Loved this course and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in their dog’s health. I had a great time learning and cooking. You can learn how to take care of your pets, save money on expensive (and often very unhealthy) store treats, and your dog can be your little helper. What’s better than a dog with a little chef’s hat?

When you complete the Holly and Hugo courses, you even receive your own certificate of completion. Holly and Hugo is a fully ICOES accredited organization, so their certificates can carry some weight in the professional world too!

Make learning your pets your pet project. To have Holly and Hugo Pet eLearning: Lifetime Subscription on sale for $99 (reg. $199).

50% off this set of animals Holly and Hugo_2

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