Tilt 365 appoints Erika Bill-Peter as Head of Learning

Company Expands List of Global Customers in Technology, Science and Healthcare

RALEIGH, NC, September 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Tilt 365 (https://www.tilt365.com/), a strength assessment and team development disruptor with educational tools for its network of certified coaches, announced today Erika Bill-Peter was appointed Chief Learning Officer (CLO) to lead the expansion of the company’s coaching and organizational development (OD) tools and services. In a strong position to enable organizations to create an agile culture in today’s hybrid work environment, Tilt 365 increased revenue by 20% last year, at the height of the pandemic and experienced a 46% year-to-date revenue increase (YTD) in 2021. Tilt ratings have been used by over 1,000 organizations and the company has recently added new clients including Atlassian, DoorDash, HelloFresh UK and Google.

With over 20 years of experience, Erika Bill-Peter is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coach who has served as an OD consultant for external companies as well as internally at Bose Corporation. As a CLO at Tilt 365, she will spearhead the simplification and automation of Tilt 365 tools and services while maintaining the wealth of experiences and takeaways. In addition, she will lead the evolution of revolutionary development offerings that will build on the long-term research of the Tilt model, such as the laser coaching certification that she launched upon joining. His wide range of expertise will help Tilt 365 to develop its ongoing relationships with enterprises to add value to enterprises with virtual and blended learning products and change management consulting to ensure a smooth, automated and efficient implementation. fast.

Erika Bill-Peter said: “I have always been passionate about helping people grow and develop to be the best of themselves. Tilt 365 is an agile company poised to reshape the future of how global organizations perceive employee personality and team dynamics. I am excited to be a part of the leadership team and help companies around the world integrate the Tilt model, including its powerful evaluations as well as OD services, into their corporate culture.

Tilt 365 offers a suite of assessment tools and workshops that help individuals develop beyond a personality type. With specific developmental goals and conscious effort, people are able to change their personalities and develop new habits to build on their less developed ones. strengths of character. Tilt 365 solutions are designed to enable this intentional change. It is the only assessment company that positions character development as the solution to a healthy culture and effective leadership.

Dysfunctional organizational culture is the result of personality conflicts, ego sensitivities, unresolved conflicts, and counterproductive or dysfunctional team dynamics. Other personality and skill 360 assessments don’t address the root cause of an unhealthy corporate culture – personality extremes that result from fear of the ego and trigger counterproductive interactions. that spread fear in others. Tilt 365’s strengths assessments Help users understand “why” they are being triggered so that they can take responsibility for practicing balancing forces that temper inner fear. Tilt’s assessments are different because they provide actionable self-knowledge that helps people learn to interact with greater personal responsibility.

In Outstanding: How Company Character Catalyzes Loyalty, Agility, and Hypergrowth, Frank Calderoni, CEO of Anaplan, writes: “All Anaplan employees, current and new, take the Tilt 365 certification training. We know where we come from in terms of the different character traits in Tilt. understand what motivates us and what creates challenges. It allows us to better understand each other and find ways to work better together and ultimately speeds up win-win relationships.

Pam Boney, CEO and Founder of Tilt 365, said: “As organizational teams change faster than ever before, companies around the world are doubling down on their need for an agile and innovative corporate culture. We are able to continuously provide the resources and services needed to positively change corporate culture and improve team performance despite the challenges many companies have faced as a result of the pandemic. Erika is a great addition to our leadership team who will evolve and advance our character science educational solutions.

To learn more about Tilt 365, please visit https://www.tilt365.com/.

About Tilt 365
Tilt 365 is a disruptor in the industry of personality assessment, organizational development, and certified coaching academies.

Building on 20 years of character science research, the company offers a series of strengths-based personality assessments to help people move past one personality type. Tilt 365 provides leadership and organizational development services to help high-growth clients reduce divisions, identify commonalities, increase team agility, and improve performance with a corporate culture that provides security psychological. It offers several educational programs with in-person, virtual and co-ed role models to advance its network of certified coaches and in-house human resources experts.

Tilt 365 has been recognized for four consecutive years by the Training Industry Review and Assessment List. For more information visit https://www.tilt365.com/.

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