UIT Institute, a leading U.S. company in global technology e-learning, is seeking to raise $4 million in private funding

MIAMI, Florida – March 2, 2022 – UIT Institute, a leading U.S.-based global technology e-learning company serving students and adult professionals seeking to create better, rewarding futures, announced today that it is seeking raise $4 million in private funding. The Global-Tech announced a valuation of the enterprise market, north of $1.3 million, based on developments, acquisitions and business partnerships over the past twelve months. The Global-Tech is seeking new investors to lead the first (1st) round of funding for the e-learning platform, which was launched by Jorge Reyes Jr., Founder and CEO.

The fundraising idea was born out of a year of massive expansion of new partnerships, as well as outreach, marketing and online efforts, impacting the number of viewers, visitors, subscribers and conversions, a significant increase over the previous year.

The UIT Institute’s online learning products provide students and adult professionals with many platforms to engage their subscribers and the new capital will allow the UIT Institute to grow the business and its subscriber base- members, as well as creating integrated products with some of today’s most relevant artificial technologies. Intelligence Technologies (AI).

“Advancing on a smart, easy-to-navigate platform is more important than ever for this new generation of students and professionals. Providing access to training options and educational courses at a reasonable ‘cheap’ cost, will provide the foundation to solve the educational needs of students and adult professionals, wild with the potential to develop, it is as important as developing an effective and efficient brand,” said Jorge Reyes Jr., Founder and CEO.

“From day one, we have been committed to providing online courses that make life easier for our subscribers and with this new funding planned, we will continue to innovate, grow and expand our existing platform, offering more value, improvement and better e-learning outcomes, which will accelerate the growth of our business and our subscriber base,” said Gisselle Capote, CMO

We are looking for investors capable of leading this first (1st) round of financial funding with substantial experience, participation and in-depth knowledge.

About the UIT Institute:

Founded in 2019: UIT Institute was created after COVID-19 to address the challenges created by the global pandemic. It was created with the aim of helping students and adult professionals acquire the personal and professional knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

The UIT Institute wishes to provide quality training and education to anyone interested in improving the current situation. We strive to become known as the people’s platform. Now, based on the current crisis and the new challenges we face every day, we have partnered with proven leaders and channel sources to provide an easy-to-navigate online learning platform.

Currently, UIT Institute offers many program categories including… Cybersecurity, Computer Networks, Cloud Management, Software Development, Business Skills, Soft Skills, Office Productivity (Microsoft), Real Estate, Brokers, CAM, Home Inspection ( pre-licensing/regulation courses), through its business partner, Graham Holdings Co (NYSE: GHC) subsidiary, Kaplan; and soon occupational safety and health as well as an exclusive selection of Blockchain & Crypto courses.

UIT Institute currently offers over 2050 learning lessons and over 550 video-on-demand and instructor-led courses exclusively to help students and adult professionals transition into their career paths.

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Address:66 W. Flagger Street, Suite 900
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