upGrad launches short courses in cybersecurity and data analytics

upGrad has partnered with Fullstack Academy and Caltech University to introduce two new certificate programs, each in cybersecurity and data analytics. The recently launched programs are aimed at professionals with knowledge of the subject and achieve improved and positive career outcomes and outcomes.

The cybersecurity certificate program lasts 29 weeks and the data analysis certificate program is 36 weeks. Both courses were designed by world leaders from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Center for Technology and Management Education (CTME)

Caltech Technology and Management Education Center. The program includes live and recorded lectures as well as the opportunity to learn while professionals are already pursuing parallel work.

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The new programs will include dedicated networking sessions, interview preparation and mock interviews to help learners achieve the best results in their careers, the company edtech said.

Jerrad Tausz, President of Fullstack Academy, said: “Professionals are looking for flexible ways to learn new skills while adapting to today’s changing workforce. Through these bootcamps, students will develop the skills needed to take up high-paying and in-demand tech jobs across the country. “

Commenting on the launch, Phalgun Kompalli, co-founder of upGrad, said: “The pandemic-induced demand for cloud skills and related roles has helped widen the skills gap in the country. Our strategic partnership with Fullstack Academy to bring Caltech’s programs closer to Indian professionals is a revolutionary initiative and also aims to boost the country’s GDP.

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“Local learners can experience live hands-on data analytics or cybersecurity sessions that are of the same rigor and quality as Caltech CTME’s US-based bootcamp programs. Through our partnership with upGrad and Fullstack Academy, we deliver programs in India alongside our US-based programs, providing value to businesses and their distributed teams looking to grow in the rapidly changing technology landscape. Said Dr. Rick Hefner, Executive Director, Caltech CTME.

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Norma A. Roth