Virginia releases interim report on “inherently conflicting concepts”; Cancels Policies and Programs | News

An interim report that identifies and addresses “inherently conflicting concepts” was released Friday by the governor’s office.

The interim report provides a list of canceled policies and programs that promote “discriminatory and divisive concepts” — as described by the Youngkin administration — including all resources on the VDOE’s EdEquityVa webpage — an initiative that ensures its system of public education is positioned to “achieve equitable goals”. academic results for all students.

Additionally, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Audit Tool has been canceled, as has Navigating EdEquityVA: Virginia’s Roadmap to Equity.

“We must continue to ensure that no student in Virginia is taught to judge or treat others differently solely on the basis of their race, color, ethnicity, gender or ethnicity. faith,” wrote Jillian Balow, Superintendent of Public Instruction. “As the work continues, we will engage stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue about how all Virginia Department of Education resources and initiatives should enable and encourage school divisions to create a culture of compassion, acceptance, opportunity and positive change.”

However, the Loudoun County Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (MSAAC) disputed Barlow’s characterization.

The MSAAC said in an email to The Times-Mirror that it was disappointed with Balow’s decision to rescind equity policies and programs under Governor Glenn Youngkin’s Executive Order One.

On Jan. 15, Youngkin (R) signed the order directing the Superintendent of Public Instruction to review all areas of the Department of Education to identify those that promote inherently divisive concepts, including critical theory of the breed, and suppress them.

The VDOE said CRT is not included in Virginia’s learning standards, according to multiple reports. The VDOE was tasked with providing training called “culturally appropriate teaching” in response to two bills – HB1904 and SB1196 – to advance cultural competency training for school staff.

The MSAAC said Balow’s mischaracterization of those efforts is a “troublesome sign of a lack of commitment to equitable access” and equal protection for all county public school students. of Loudon.

“Racism and discrimination are known and documented issues at LCPS,” the committee said in a prepared statement.

“LCPS equity policies and programs help close opportunity gaps and achieve racial parity in Loudoun’s STEM education programs where minority students have been denied access by design,” said said the committee. “The proposed policy changes can only lead to further marginalization of minority and underrepresented students. Nonetheless, MSAAC will continue to work to help every LCPS student succeed.

Balow said the February 23 interim report reverses certain policies, programs and resources that promote discriminatory and divisive concepts, pursuant to Executive Order One. It also contains a sample of critical documents based on race theory.

However, Barlow wrote because the concepts have spread to the VDOE and school divisions in Virginia, staff will need to proactively review policies, practices, and pedagogies statewide to enforce the law on civil rights and comply with Executive Order 1.

Youngkin said Friday that all students in Virginia should have the opportunity to receive an excellent education that teaches “all history, including good and bad, prioritizes academic excellence, and promotes equal opportunity.” for all students”, but should not be taught to discriminate on the basis of sex, skin color or religion. He added that VDOE policies should certainly not recommend such concepts.

“There is a lot of work to be done, but I am encouraged that Superintendent Balow is proactively reviewing policies and practices around the Commonwealth,” Youngkin said in a prepared statement. “This is the first step in improving Virginia’s education system, restoring high academic expectations, equipping our future generation to be career or college ready, and providing opportunities equal to all Virginia students.”

Scott Mineo, founder of Parents Against Critical Theory, said in an email to The Times-Mirror “When it was announced on February 23 that much of EdEquityVA was going to be canceled and/or modified, I was thrilled because it brought our education foundation on an equal footing for all and following the principles set out in the Civil Rights Act.

Barlow said another report would be provided in 90 days, which is May 24.

Norma A. Roth