Voters reject bond proposals in East Central, Judson and Southside ISDs

All bond proposals submitted to voters by three local school districts were lost in Tuesday’s election

The $ 302.5 million bond debt proposed by Judson ISD was split into three proposals on the ballot, all of which were defeated, including Proposal A, which was rejected by 56% of voters. It would have paid for a new middle and primary school, transportation improvements and deferred maintenance.

Proposal B, which would have improved sports facilities at Judson ISD’s high schools, was largely lost, with 60% of the vote against. Proposition C had the smallest loss, with 52% of the vote against. This proposal would have kept individual technology for students, improved classroom technology, and improved and expanded Wi-Fi access.

Judson’s ISD Superintendent Janet Ball thanked voters in a statement Tuesday night and pointed out that voter turnout in this election was more than double what the district had seen in previous bond elections.

“The 2021 Bond Program was the culmination of a year of work by our community, parents, staff and teachers to provide the safest and most effective learning environments. possible for our students, ”Ball said. “The results of this election reveal that we have additional work to do to determine our community’s priorities for our students and schools, and we are committed to evaluating the outcome of the election and seeking additional feedback from stakeholders. by Judson ISD. “

A $ 172 million package proposed by the East Central Independent School District was also lost, with 54% of voters against.

The bond would have paid for the construction of two new elementary schools and a college, which a study found would be necessary to cope with the growth in enrollments, and the renovated schools were ignored in the district’s 2016 bond program. .

“East Central ISD warmly thanks all of our community members who voted in this important election,” district officials said in a statement. “Acknowledging the news of the disapproval of compulsory education, ECISD is eager to reconnect with the community to reach consensus around an obligation that everyone can support.

Only 31 percent of voters were in favor of Southside ISD’s $ 52 million bond proposal, which aimed to modernize air conditioning and heating systems, washrooms, cafeterias, classrooms and furnishings.

Southside District officials could not be reached for comment on Tuesday evening.

Alamo Heights ISD voters approved a proposed property tax rate change 72%. Officials said he would not raise the overall tax rate but the district would earn $ 1.4 million under the state’s “Robin Hood” clawback scheme.

The district plans to spend the money to create competitive salaries for teachers and educational programs.

“Our community is extremely united in supporting our amazing AHISD teachers and staff and the amazing educational programs that support all of our students,” Superintendent Dana Bashara said in a statement.

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