Attensi supports foodpanda’s growth with gamified simulation training for customer support and product consistency

  • Solution closes 89% of knowledge gaps and increases learning efficiency by more than 300%

  • Product and service consistency training as foodpanda onboards thousands of new partner restaurants every year

  • Immersive and interactive training program deployed in seven countries and in several languages

  • Training improves consistency of kitchen protocols and customer-facing skills

OSLO, Norway, March 8, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a powerful sign of how advanced training solutions can support the e-commerce industry, Attensi has successfully rolled out a state-of-the-art and fun simulation training solution internationally for foodpanda to provide deeper knowledge and reduce skill time and drive consistency.

In seven countries and in several languages, foodpanda uses the Attensi solution to train its catering partners in good food preparation practices and operating protocols. In addition, foodpanda has also deployed Attensi’s solutions to train its contact center employees to ensure system adoption and customer service best practices.

“Quality of service is a priority for our team, as customers turn to foodpanda for hassle-free deliveries wherever they are. Our job is to deliver a positive experience to millions of users across the country every day. region, no matter what country or city they are located,” said Rohit Appadurai, Quality Assurance, Training and Knowledge Manager at foodpanda. essential to ensure consistency in the quality of our service, so we are able to deliver high quality customer interactions at our service centers across Asia.”

Just a few months after the start of Attensi’s collaboration with foodpanda, the initiative has already achieved impressive results: the Attensi solution fills 89% of identified knowledge gaps, with 93% of trainees feeling confident in their knowledge after completing the program. As an example of learning effectiveness, a foodpanda employee training module on key software needed to process orders increased their score from 23% on their first attempt to 95% on their best attempt, an increase of 313%. Overall, the program resulted in increased scores on key KPIs assessing customer experience, accuracy and business compliance – with some territories showing a 10% increase in “perfect interaction” cases (where the combined KPI scores are 100%).

Training supports initiatives to improve product quality and staff onboarding

For its engagement with Attensi, foodpanda selected a subset of seven countries to deploy a training solution focused on delivering high quality, reliable products and customer experience. Since product quality must be consistent regardless of origin, kitchen staff must receive standardized training across the partner network to ensure that food products are prepared in the same way. Attensi has delivered engaging, consistent and scalable training to these multiple cuisines in multiple languages. Additionally, Attensi supports foodpanda in onboarding new employees to its contact centers by improving skills and competencies to deliver exceptional customer service.

For cooking and customer-facing technology training, the Attensi platform combines concepts of interactive gaming, scenario-based learning, and behavioral psychology into a compelling and effective training experience that has helped foodpanda become the largest food delivery service in Asia, including onboarding 30,000 restaurants and vendors just in the past year. Restaurant partners benefit from foodpanda’s ability to create a frictionless, technology-based, interconnected customer experience without the hassle and high costs of building and managing their own delivery platform.

The engaging digital learning environment allows any mistakes or learning curves to occur safely away from customer-facing environments. Meanwhile, the Attensi training program for the customer contact system is already filling the knowledge gap. The trainees also give positive feedback on the Attensi interfaces; they particularly appreciate the gamification elements which make the learning experience itself more engaging and fun and stimulate the desire to practice.

“foodpanda plays a vital role in providing customers with home food delivery,” said Greg Hull, global head of hospitality and leisure at Attensi. “The question was always ‘how does foodpanda solve the logistical hurdle of training staff who are not directly employed by them and operate their own kitchens?’ “By rolling out our digital game-based training, we are beginning to address this issue. Attensi is proud to support foodpanda’s rapid growth.

In a sign of the benefits Attensi training can bring to the wider e-commerce industry, DX Ventures – the venture capital arm of foodpanda owner DeliveryHero – has also invested directly in Attensi as part of an overall strategy to to support founder-led companies that are innovating in the food and grocery ecosystem around the world.

“We are proud to support Attensi in our mission to foster the growth of companies that can drive innovation in the food and grocery industry,” said Miguel Suarez Gallo, Principal at DX Ventures. “Training is a key part of scaling any business’s operations, and Attensi has a proven track record as a global leader in providing advanced training solutions that enable rapidly growing businesses to effectively hone their skills. frontline staff. We are pleased to have played a small role in helping to bring Attensi’s industry-leading solutions to foodpanda.”

About Attensi

Attensi is the world’s leading provider of high-impact, gamified training – the most effective way to upskill your employees with significant improvements in your KPIs. Engage your staff with immersive 3D training, powered by the best insights in human psychology, learning and games.

Whether on mobile, desktop, or in virtual reality, empower your employees to master new skills with training they’ll want to take and repeat. Recreate their work environments with immersive 3D graphics, realistic scenarios and interactive dialogues with voice-activated avatars to test their knowledge. All in a safe learning-by-doing environment.

Attensi has provided gaming simulation training in over 140 countries, in over 30 languages. Our clients include Circle K, Bosch Siemens Home Appliances, Accenture, Hiscox, Scatec Solar and many more. Attensi is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in London, Cologne, Boston and Palo Alto.

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