Build a Digital Marketing Strategy With This $35 eLearning Package

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As social media platforms grow and fluctuate, it can be difficult to keep up to date with the latest sites, trends and marketing methods. If you are considering a job in social media marketing or digital marketing or want to promote your business online, knowing how to navigate today’s landscape is imperative. Learn how to harness the power of these online platforms in today’s climate with The 2022 Certification Bundle for Social Media and Digital Ads.

This set includes nine hours of content in eight courses and 91 lessons. Each lesson is taught by marketing and SEO expert Faisal Siddiqui. Explore this set to develop your digital marketing skills and understand how to best implement your skills. With averages of over 4 out of 5-star reviews, the courses in this bundle are well-organized and intuitively presented so you can learn quickly and efficiently.

Start with the Social Media Marketing Magic, which gives you a comprehensive introduction to the field with information on how to make a mark and generate buzz across all platforms. A specialized course on Instagram explains how to create organic growth and get the most out of your advertising purchases. For Twitter, another course highlights the importance of trending on Twitter with practical tips on how to make it happen, like picking the right hashtags and finding influencers.

Create content that appears on the first pages of Google searches with two SEO courses. Check out the beginner’s guide and a comprehensive guide on the topic of search engine optimization to posting high-level, engaging articles on your blog or site. The Importance of Website in Digital Marketing course will help you better understand the role of building a strong, searchable website in supporting your business and brand.

In addition to SEO, Google Ads can help your business get noticed. Target your marketing strategies with two courses on Google Ads.

The 2022 Social Media and Digital Ads Certification Pack is a great way to get the process started. Priced at just $34.99, each class in this package costs you less than $5. If you are build a digital marketing strategy for your business or if you want to add new skills to your CV, this set is a great introduction.

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