Can online learning be a “better choice” for students, teachers and schools in PH? – Manila Bulletin

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As the Philippines strives to align its education landscape with international standards, there is a growing need to collectively improve the overall learning delivery system.

To be on par with the rest of the world, the country must achieve significant improvements in the education system through the use of new tools to transform teaching and learning processes.

As in many countries, the Philippines needs to strengthen the use of digital technologies such as e-learning, which has been seen as essential for learning recovery and acceleration.

Due to Covid-19, schools in the Philippines have had to use online learning primarily to provide continuity of education. However, there is a need to improve how to integrate e-learning into the whole teaching and learning process.

For FrontLearners, Inc., e-learning can be leveraged to help improve the teaching and learning process to support the broader national education agenda.

“We know that all Filipino students, regardless of where they live and study, will enjoy better learning opportunities when supported by online learning solutions,” said Elaine De Velez, CEO from FrontLearners Inc.

Established in 2013, FrontLearners, Inc. is an interactive e-learning content developer and personalized online school solutions provider focused on helping students reach their full potential by assisting teachers with learning materials. learning more engaging and freeing them up more time to coach students.

Velez said the past two years have proven to be quite a challenge for many schools — private and public. “Recovering and accelerating learning requires structural changes in the teaching and learning process,” she said.

This, Velez said, is where FrontLearners comes in. ,” she added.

A “best choice”

For FrontLearners, online learning can become a better choice for students, teachers and even schools.

Thanks to this, students can learn at their different paces with online learning, as individualized learning tailored to each student’s ability and pace of learning can be used.

Students can also easily skip forward and back to lessons they have fully understood, while the teacher can also be prompted to indicate who needs to be coached or tutored using a specialized e-learning tool .

“With the benefits of individualized learning, each child will discover the joy and wonder of learning through their own unique experience,” FrontLearners said.

Through e-learning, teachers can also focus on other important aspects of teaching that cannot be replaced by technology.

With e-learning, teachers – who must devote time to lesson preparation by creating teaching materials, assessments and visual aids – can focus more on lesson planning and reduce the time spent on preparation. lessons.

“Teachers can also make the most of class time by engaging with students and tracking their learning progress to keep them motivated,” FrontLearners said. “Given this, teachers can be both effective and efficient, without being overburdened,” he added.

Moreover, schools in remote areas can also have access to the same teaching and learning resources as their counterparts in cities through e-learning.

Path to follow

Contrary to popular belief, the company emphasized that e-learning is not limited to areas with internet connectivity. “E-learning can happen online or offline,” FrontLearners said.

For example, FrontLearners has a patented TeachAid device containing thousands of curriculum-aligned e-learning content and special learning management tools that work with or without the Internet.

Thus, schools in cities, as well as schools in remote areas can also have access to the same quality learning materials.

“With e-learning, high-quality learning materials have never been more accessible and adaptable than ever amid the many challenges of the country’s education system,” FrontLearners said.

“To reduce barriers and to further amplify and empower schools, going digital is the way forward,” he added.



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