Dorchester Disc. 2 adopts beneficial technologies for the 2023 school year

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) – Things like checking your child’s grades or where their buses are will soon be easier. Dorchester School District Two is implementing two new software programs starting next school year.

Superintendent Dr. Shane Robbins says these two new technologies will save teachers time, provide clearer communication for families and hopefully increase student engagement. He says they will have a huge impact on safety and online learning.

The two new programs for the start of the 2023 academic year: Traversa and Schoology.

Traversa is a web-based technology where parents can see where their child is on their bus route online and app via tracker on school buses. They will also be installing tablets on special education buses that will give drivers turn-by-turn directions to their destination and provide a photo of the student and the person picking them up.

“So we’re starting with our special needs buses first just so we can track and make sure that number one, all of their accommodations are met, and that we deliver them to the appropriate location and deliver them to the appropriate person,” Robbins said.

Dr. Kenneth Wilson, Assistant Superintendent, works directly on this project.

“And once we get through that part, we’ll also test that with a school or two just to see how it works before full implementation next year,” Wilson said.

The second software, Schoology, is a student learning management system that is a one-stop shop for students and parents. It should provide access to programs like Microsoft Teams, Powerschool, SEESAW and more.

Chad Daugherty, the district’s assistant superintendent, says this will ensure students don’t fall behind when they’re away or have a day of online learning due to weather.

“Since we have a shortage of subs, the only thing it allows us to do if our teachers put all their information there in class information and their lessons in schoology, then we can hide or give a code so that the submarine can go into their Schoology and then they can give that to all those students,” Daugherty said.

Robbins says this will be beneficial on e-learning days.

“Just sort of an unintended positive consequence that if we have bad weather then it’s a great resource,” Robbins said. “It’s a good way to operate. Period.”

Robbins says staff training on both software will begin before the next school year. He says there is no clear figure on how much either will cost the district or which schools they will test first.

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Norma A. Roth