E-learning business disrupts the status quo on how people repair, improve, and maintain great credit

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / October 9, 2021 / Kenney Conwell is delighted to announce the launch of MyMoneyEDU, an online financial education platform. All-digital services are designed to revolutionize the way people repair, improve, and maintain their credit scores. MyMoneyEDU will help members lower taxes, increase cash flow and increase net worth by implementing their proven wealth management strategies.

MyMoneyEDU was created to fill a gap in the minority community, namely a lack of financial education and access to financial resources. The team streamlined their processes so that anyone who fits their programs well can participate without being limited by time or geography. In addition, all MyMoneyEDU products and services are readily available in digital format.

Members who join the MyMoneyEDU platform want time and financial independence, believing that the conventional American dream of going to school, finding a job, buying a house, and investing in a 401 (k ) is no longer the only way to earn wealth. The MyMoneyEDU team has identified four main areas where they can help users become first generation millionaires.

The online program teaches how 1) Use a cash flow management strategy to increase your personal income through a side business or home business. 2) Leverage the power of personal and business credit. 3) Use the stock market as a source of leverage. The easiest approach to making money is to INVEST in the stock market, either actively or passively. 4) Use tax planning to your advantage. It is important to distinguish between tax planning and tax preparation. Planning comes before preparation, and when done right, it can help you avoid paying too much tax (i.e. tax avoidance).

In addition to the four key areas of leverage, the online courses explain how good cash flow management can help individuals develop financial discipline. Increased cash flow is easier to achieve with good credit. More investment options are created by increased cash flow. The more money you make, the more crucial it is to have a good tax strategy. MyMoneyEDU guides clients through all the elements needed to achieve their financial dreams through their comprehensive financial system.

MyMoneyEDU is proud to provide a comprehensive online education platform that helps people improve their financial situation, increase their cash flow, and increase their net worth over time. Their entire system provides the financial clarity, accountability, and the freedom and flexibility to achieve desired results.

About MyMoneyEDU and Kenny Cromwell – Kenney Conwell, founder of MyMoneyEDU, graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in May 2009, with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, his mission is to educate, communicate and equip people who are just starting their journey with the tools they need to be successful. He founded MyMoneyEDU with the aim of helping 1,000,000 people achieve a score of 700 credits by 2029 or earlier so they can start the ERI (Entrepreneurship, Real Estate and Investing) process.

Conwell and his team are dedicated to providing the community with the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to achieve exceptional credit and financial success.

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