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In an interview with TechGraph, Ankit Khurana, Managing Director of Value Scale Technologies, said, “Technology has largely revolutionized the cloud space as it has led to increased cost savings and made data stored on the space more accessible. .

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How does ValueScale use its industry expertise and technology to provide software development solutions and consulting services to its customers?


Ankit Khurana: ValueScale Technologies digitally transforms businesses by offering customized technology solutions to various types of businesses and in different sectors.

The start-up integrates new era innovations such as Blockchain, IoT and AI, with market-proven solutions that help brands by creating a difference in their products and services, further increasing their productivity and improving their operations .

ValueScale also extends services such as custom software development, operations automation, web development, enterprise cloud infrastructure, project management, and UI/UX design, among others. The technologies provided by ValueScale are not only cost-effective, but also performance-driven, enabling businesses to grow and compete with next-generation digital players.

How does ValueScale leverage technology to improve the customer experience?

Ankit Khurana: Today, technology is present in all operations of the sector. At ValueScale, through our services, we ensure that we leverage technology to its maximum level to ensure smooth operation in these sectors. ValueScale offers a zero-touch ticketing platform for its logistics industry consumers to ensure 100% customer repair. We offer support with operational assistance in different languages ​​to meet the demographic requirements of different areas.

Which is supported by a unique technology system to ensure the efficiency and effective use of HR. We are well equipped with the latest and world-class tools and technologies to collaborate with our clients, ranging from Adobe XD for prototyping to using project management platforms for various applications.

What are the new trends in the logistics and e-commerce industry?

Ankit Khurana: Today, the logistics industry is mainly dependent on technology, as it has brought about significant changes.

• There has been a dramatic shift in logistics management solutions that tend to make global supply chains sustainable and consumer-centric.

• The sector has witnessed an increase in workflow and productivity after warehouse automation in the logistics industry.

• Machine learning has helped maintain a strong relationship between different stakeholders as there has been an improvement in supply chain transparency and traceability. ML is used to determine the most optimized routes for faster and more efficient delivery.

• Analytics and Big Data have helped improve productivity and warehouse performance management as they have enabled smooth and hassle-free management of thousands of package deliveries with greater accuracy and minimal theft Across the country.

Ecommerce Industry: Technology is king right now because it rules the world. Over time, all sectors have embraced the technology, which is why various business sectors have enabled their presence through various e-commerce platforms.

Major technology trends that can be observed now and are expected to govern the future include:

• Mobiles and wallets dominate sales and online presence

• Personalized e-commerce services and platforms will certainly gain momentum in the near future.

• Augmented and Virtual Reality making online e-commerce attractive and interactive.

• Chatbots because they personalize the e-commerce experience.

• Voice search is the most popular feature among consumers

How is technology transforming the cloud space? Do you think the trend had set in even before the IoT-induced disruptions?

Ankit Khurana: The technology has largely revolutionized the cloud space as it has led to increased cost savings and made the data stored on the space more accessible. Cloud technology has brought better functionality for end users with its additional layers of security. Yes, in my opinion the two are complementary, but before the IoT disruptions, the cloud space was limited to infrastructure projects, whereas now cloud usage has increased 100x, making its way into all segments and sectors.

With the Metaverse & Web, the adoption of version 3.0 in the web space is accelerating. How will ValueScale capitalize on the same?

Ankit Khurana: We have already delegated our technological resources, one segment is entirely dedicated to research and development of working prototypes, while another segment of our team is focused on learning the business side of it. In the near future, we will develop our products in the 3.0 wave and capitalize on it.

What’s the answer so far for your enterprise cloud infrastructure and IT management services?

Ankit Khurana: We’ve had a terrific response on this front, putting extra effort into customer education. We have a win-win situation for the company and for ourselves, all because we are supported by a highly experienced technical team, which is also our USP. In the current scenario, IT service management is a large-scale job that requires digital skills, which are not limited to minimal tasks. We have a full digital team on hand for our clients.

How do you see the technologies, namely artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning, in terms of their relevance in web development and technical consulting? What does the future look like?

Ankit Khurana: AI, Blockchain, and Machine Learning have taken off in a big way around the world. With ML yielding predictive and descriptive algorithms, there are huge waves in mining existing data to identify patterns and gain insights. Blockchain, a disruptive technology, caused a stir with the invention and trading of cryptocurrencies.

The role of AI in web development cannot go unnoticed. Today, web application development has grown to such an extent that it has spawned whole new industries related to the domain. Website developers are competing to provide customers with highly personalized and enhanced experiences through the use of AI in web development.

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