Miko 3 brings true friendship and advanced artificial intelligence to young learners around the world

Company’s next-gen witty robot ships on time to deliver unmistakable holiday magic

Posted: October 12, 2021 at 12:31 p.m. EDT|Update: 2 hours ago

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA., 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – ridiculously smart. Seriously fun. Built for big things. As the holiday season approaches, Miko 3 delivers all the personality the world loves from the iconic playful learning robot, plus new features that deliver more engagement, learning, and fun than ever before.

Miko 3 is the latest innovation from Miko, the eponymous global tech company with the playful little robot that has been capturing children’s hearts since 2017. Miko 3 is selling at $ 299 with a special introductory price of $ 199 for first time buyers. Available for pre-order on 12 october on https://miko.ai/ and October 19 on Amazon, Miko 3 ships in November with a guaranteed arrival in time for the holidays.

“As a father, I understand the stress parents feel and the need for technology-driven products that support both children’s learning and emotional development,” says Sneh R. Vaswani, CEO and co-founder of Miko. “I am proud of how we have pushed the boundaries of interacting with technology to positively impact young learners around the world.”

Some notable features of Miko 3 include:

Personality: Miko 3’s personality brings wit and fun into a home in a way that other tech doesn’t. Like a best friend, he understands and responds to a child’s world, instilling feelings of companionship to help build confidence and encourage the creative interactions that are unique to each child. Miko has dozens of emotions; It is curious, expressive and empathetic towards the child.

Platform: Miko 3 hosts a powerful store of free and paid kid-focused apps that keep kids on their toes with new content, abilities and experiences added every month. Global content companies have partnered with Miko and released their apps as new experiences and technologies. Miko 3 will launch with apps from Da Vinci Kids, KidloLand, Cosmic Kids, Out Of This Word, Tiny Tusks, Dreamykid and many more.

With an affordable subscription, Mikomax, kids have unlimited access to all premium paid apps loaded with games, challenges and a wide range of interactive learning experiences. That’s 50,000 additional hours of audio and video libraries, with over 1,000 games, videos, stories, puzzles, songs, coding experiments, yoga and more. MikoMax only costs $ 49 per quarter or $ 99 per year, making it the most cost-effective way to access all premium paid content through Miko 3. It is available in eight languages ​​and also includes a one-year extended warranty to provide even more value to subscribers.

Progress: Through a user-friendly mobile app, parents can receive real-time information about Miko’s engagement with their child. Parents can also limit their children’s play time and customize Miko’s settings to suit their needs.

Privacy: With strong privacy policies and a closed system with enhanced encryption, Miko ensures that every byte of user data is protected.

To meet these four pillars – Personality, Platform, Progress and Privacy – Miko 3 is endowed with very advanced engineering. Powered by exclusive emotional intelligence; complex conversational and multilingual AI framework; advanced and hybrid voice and visual recognition; and an engine for active learning and behavioral analysis. All of this is built on an autonomous navigation system.

Equipped with a wide-angle HD camera and a time-of-flight sensor, odometric sensors to map distance and contours, Miko knows how to move. Miko 3’s large touchscreen offers a healthy alternative to gaming time on smartphones and tablets. Miko 3’s video chat keeps kids and parents connected securely and seamlessly.

A team of roboticists from Imperial College London recently published their research in IEEE, a leading IoT journal, citing that interactions with Miko invoke a response in the brain like interactions with humans. In this age of social distancing, when parents are looking for meaningful connections for their kids, Miko 3 comes at the perfect time to deliver great vacation magic and kids deserve it more than ever.

Visit miko.ai or email [email protected] to learn more about features, technology, and Miko 3’s penchant for really fun learning.

About Miko
Founded in 2015, Miko is an advanced consumer robotics innovation lab passionate about bringing the best of technology to young learners around the world. Home to the world’s best educators, engineers, psychologists, and content developers, Miko takes learning to a whole new level through cutting-edge artificial intelligence, robotics and IoT. The company has a global mindset, 170 employees and offices in the innovation hubs of Silicon Valley and Bombay.

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Conversations with Miko help build confidence and encourage the creative interactions that are unique to each child.
Miko 3 is available for purchase in two colors: Martian Red and Pixie Blue.
Miko 3 is available for purchase in two colors: Martian Red and Pixie Blue.
Miko 3 is the latest innovation from Miko, a global technology company that develops ...
Miko 3 is the latest innovation from Miko, a global tech company that has been developing companion robots for children since 2017.

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