New e-learning platform launched to help Canada’s more than 400,000 nurses upgrade their skills

TORONTO, September 20, 2022 /CNW/ – As the lingering effects of COVID-19 continue to cause significant burnout and disrupt clinical learning, a new online learning platform, created by award-winning healthcare professionals, is now launching with the support of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) to help nurses develop their skills., created by a group of Canadian doctors and nurses, is launched today to help nurses improve their clinical skills in seven clinical specialties. And with nearly 66% of nurses experiencing burnout and nearly 1 in 3 nurses considering leaving the profession, professional development support services couldn’t be better timed.

“During the pandemic, the usual internships and internships that nursing students and nurses rely on to learn have stopped. So I started working with nurses in my own clinics to teach them between patients. They really appreciated. Their confidence improved and the quality and efficiency of their work was significantly better. In thinking about the project, we envisioned a collaboration in which doctors and nurses would work together as a cohesive group to improve outcomes. related to patients to ensure the highest quality of care for patients,” said Dr. Sanjay Sharmaeditor of NursingSKL and professor of ophthalmology at Queen’s University.

Today, is launching its electronic platform in seven different specialty areas, including mental health, oncology and women’s health. Currently, the electronic platform is only available in English. With, nurses will also be able to learn important clinical skills from leading practitioners, earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates, and participate in fun games to connect with colleagues across the country.

“We know the pandemic has been relentless for nurses and the disruption to nursing education will have lasting impacts on the profession. This is why we are so excited to support the launch of NursingSKL, as it is fully aligned with CNA’s goals. mission to strengthen nursing leadership and promote excellence in nursing. This innovative online learning platform will help support nurses with the training and education they need to be successful in their jobs,” said Tim Guest, CEO of CNA. “At a time when much of the profession is experiencing symptoms of burnout, it is important that we do all we can to retain and recruit nurses.”

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About NursingSKL

NursingSKL is a new e-learning platform that helps nurses develop their clinical skills and earn CPD certificates through highly engaging animations, gamification and clinical guidance provided by leading healthcare professionals. plan.

About the Canadian Nurses Association

CNA is the national and global professional voice for nursing in Canada. Our mission is to advance the nursing profession to improve health outcomes in from Canada publicly funded, not-for-profit health system. CNA is the only national association representing all types of nurses in all 13 provinces and territories. We represent unionized and non-unionized nurses, retired nurses, nursing students and all categories of nurses (registered nurses, nurse practitioners, licensed practical nurses and registered psychiatric nurses).

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