New regulation makes e-learning compulsory at higher education institutions | Culture & Society


Ammon news – Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Muhammad Abu Qudais revealed on Sunday that a new regulation integrating e-learning in higher education institutions had been approved.

The minister told Petra that the application of the new regulation in higher education institutions is underway, adding that it will ensure the restructuring of academic programs in line with e-learning integration requirements and the needs of the labor market.

Abu Qudais further explained that the regulation obliges higher education institutions to restructure academic programs and programs in a manner compatible with the approach to online learning in its two formats; online and mixed.

According to the new regulations, the e-learning proportion of the total credit hours of a university program should not be less than 10 percent and not more than 20 percent, while 40 to 60 percent of the total Credit hours of any humanities or social sciences program science discipline should be taught through the blended learning approach. The percentage varies between 30 and 50 percent for science, technology and medicine majors.

However, the Minister added, the Higher Education Council will have the power to exclude any major from the proportions introduced by the new regulation.

He stressed that the regulation will significantly advance higher education programs to keep pace with global developments imposed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, saying: “It [the bylaw] will enable our graduates to compete in the labor market with modern skills that qualify them for appropriate employment opportunities. “

He said the legislation is designed to improve face-to-face learning by gradually integrating e-learning, stressing that students, faculty members and other stakeholders should be trained to implement the e-learning and blended learning in order to achieve the desired learning. results.



Norma A. Roth