Online Learning Platforms Help Game Designers Go From Dream To Reality

1.4 billion: this is the size of the Indian population and also the number of players in Asia. The gaming industry is growing rapidly across the world, adding millions of new players every year. India alone is expected to have 235 million paying gamers by 2025. This sudden surge in industry growth can be attributed to the multiple lockdowns that have let Indians explore online entertainment within the confines of their homes. .

The story will most likely chronicle events after 2020 as the post-coronavirus era where the virtual is real. With the metaverse gradually becoming a reality, perhaps that’s why gaming is now the sphere where millions of people connect, compete, socialize, and live virtual alternate lives. Games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Hitman, Jurassic World, and Thumper have refined the reach of the industry itself.

Major software and technology companies have also extended their support to the gaming industry, which has resulted in immense employment opportunities for people in India, promising strong growth in the years to come. The growing popularity of gamers has had a positive ripple effect: people are turning their dreams of becoming game designers into career opportunities. It has never been so easy. Millennials and GenZ are turning to online learning platforms in hopes of turning their passions into professions. People interested in the complex aspects of game development are turning to online learning platforms to learn new skills. These platforms have evolved to include various courses on animation, game mechanics and development, streaming and more, creating new avenues for enthusiasts to explore. Whether it’s becoming a game designer, reviewer, narrative designer, programmer, sound designer, game artist, or animator, the opportunities offered by online learning are plentiful.

The first quest: Video game development as a career?

Slated to house over 40,000 employees in 2022 alone, the industry is estimated to grow to over $250 billion by 2024.

Recognizing this trend, online learning platforms now offer a myriad of courses related to game development. A game developer has the power to turn an idea into reality. Responsible for character development, game setup and more, the whole sphere can be a rewarding career choice.

Games today are extremely detailed, filled with realistic graphics, visuals, and informative storylines. A game developer needs expertise backed by accuracy and precision to keep users engaged throughout their game time. E-learning platforms now offer courses for designers beginners and advanced.

The Second Quest: Game Streamers – Making a living by being the best

Avid gamers have turned their hobbies into careers since video games have existed. With augmented reality and virtual reality in games, the demand for experienced game streamers is higher than ever. In India, Esport summits and international tournaments have been attracting attention since the pandemic. Avid gamers have the opportunity to win substantial prizes and improve their skills with games like Age of Empires, Dota 2, League of Legends, among other games. A medal event for the 2022 Asian Games in esports is also expected to be part of the Olympics soon; setting the stage for more experienced game streamers.

The uncharted territory

Online learning platforms have democratized access to learning. For those interested in game design, accessing courses has never been easier. Accessible, affordable and easy to understand is what makes e-learning unique.

A screen and an internet connection are enough to start their journey in the gaming world. The process of learning and earning can start right from the comfort of one’s home. Offering a choice of options to choose from, Edtech platforms offer courses from level one to professional courses for game creators and gamers to enhance their skills. Irrespective of age, gender and language, these platforms have expanded the scope of learning.



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Norma A. Roth