The city’s schools are planning a staggered opening: Classes 5-7, then 1-4 | Bombay News


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Mumbai: Schools in the city are planning to bring only high school students to offline classes before opening the doors to their elementary counterparts.
The state on Thursday approved the proposal to reopen all grades 1-7 from December 1. Classes 8 to 12 have been operating in hybrid mode since October and attendance started to pick up after Diwali. The state government resolution on reopening all classes is awaited. The BMC will then take a call on the reopening of primary and secondary classes.
Schools are preparing to accommodate grades 5-7 as well as grades 8-10. Most schools will operate in two batches of three to four hours each. “Our high school students arrive at 7 am and leave at 10:30 am. We will bring students from classes 5 to 7 at 10:45 a.m. A call to primary school students will be taken once the final year students have settled into their classes, ”said the director of a school in Chembur.
With one student per seat, each class was divided into three to four classrooms in several schools. “Initially, we plan to have fewer students in grades 5-7 in the school, as most of the classes are occupied by the 8-10 standards,” said the principal of a school in Goregaon.
The failure of blended learning for those online is driving more students into offline courses. “Accommodating students by respecting Covid-19 protocols is now becoming a challenge,” said a director.
Education officials have asked schools to submit plans for reopening all classrooms. The schools want a phased reopening with grades 5 to 7, followed by primary school students in a few weeks. Schools will have about three weeks before they close for the Christmas holidays.
While classes 5 to 7 can be in school with existing precautions, such as wearing masks, temperature controls at the entrance, disinfection and social distancing, for classes 1 to 4, measures additional may be adopted by the state. “The transition from online to offline has been smooth for grades 8-10 and should work for all grades,” said one principal.
Classrooms that were vacant since last year are taken for cleaning. Some schools have said they will have to call students every alternate day due to the number of children per class. Most public schools have 60 to 80 students per class. Parents of students in grades 5 to 7 are called by telephone to obtain their consent. School leaders said that there were more students in grades 5-7 in their hometown than their counterparts in grades 8-10. “Children who are in their hometown want to attend physical school but have real financial problems, ”said one teacher.
With the opening of more classes, teachers said their schedules would be extended. Schools are rushing with the schedule for class 10 students who are due to take their preliminary exams in January.



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