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Parents and their school children in Singapore and other parts of the world have become familiar with e-learning after months of home learning (HBL), but concerns persist as to whether the learning process can be just as effective when conducted virtually.

Are students really engaged during virtual lessons? How can teachers motivate their students through online platforms? Would the students be able to cultivate critical thinking and questioning in a virtual setting? Parents ask these questions in private conversations and online forums.

With these concerns in mind, electronics technology company Geniebook has increased the capabilities of its online learning platform. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), it offers three learning products – GenieSmart, GenieClass, and GenieAsk – for elementary and secondary school students.

From personalized worksheets for targeted improvement, animated presentations and interactive demonstrations to a gamified rewards system, these features are what Geniebook co-founder and CEO Neo Zhizhong describes as “an unstoppable improvement drive. “.

Geniebook’s proprietary AI software, interactive online courses, and dedicated teachers are all “an unstoppable drive for improvement,” according to CEO Neo Zhizhong (pictured with COO and co-founder Alicia Cheong) . PHOTO: GENIEBOOK

While technology plays a vital role on the platform, Neo says the company understands the irreplaceable importance of experienced teachers and proven learning pedagogies.

The team behind Geniebook is aware of the stressful demands of modern parenting. To help parents better support their children in their learning journey, the platform has deployed a parent application that provides a real-time dashboard of the child’s academic progress.

Alicia Cheong, its COO and co-founder, explains, “Parents can see a detailed breakdown of academic topics presented as sub-topics that detail specific areas that require practice. There is also a progress feature in the app that tracks their child’s improvement over time.

With this information, parents can assign worksheets, set completion dates, and create review plans to help their children achieve clear learning outcomes.

Geniebook’s AI-personalized worksheets cover over 150,000 questions aligned with the Ministry of Education’s latest curriculum. PHOTO: GENIEBOOK

GenieSmart: AI-personalized worksheets for targeted learning

By using AI to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students, GenieSmart can help them quickly master subjects. The Learning Tool works by running an algorithm to recognize the types of questions or topics that a student struggles with, and then recommend more questions and topics in subsequent worksheets.

Such targeted learning saves time and is more efficient.

“This is self-directed, technology-driven learning,” says Neo. “In fact, analysis of the data by our data science team shows that 90% of our students have improved after just eight worksheets. ”

AI software is patented for education, with over 150,000 questions aligned with the Department of Education’s latest curriculum.

“By trying questions they find difficult and improving on those topics over time, GenieSmart instills self-awareness and confidence in its students. These deliberate actions create positive and lasting learning habits that they can apply to other subjects, ”he adds.

Instant answers and explanations are provided, so parents disconnected from the latest school curriculum can leave the coaching to the experts.

The technology is also complemented by a human component – experienced teachers who grade open-ended questions and contribute to the system for a better and nuanced assessment of each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

With GenieClass’ live and recorded online lessons, screen time is both useful and fun.

GenieClass: bringing the physical class experience online

While the “meeting time” between teachers and students is always valued, what really matters is having the right attitude towards learning, the desire to excel and, of course, the d factor. ‘commitment. Without it, it can be difficult, if not futile, to motivate a child in a face-to-face classroom.

With GenieClass, screen time is determined with an element of fun. This learning tool offers live online courses led by experienced in-house teachers, many of whom are graduates of renowned universities and were former teachers of the Ministry of Education.

Missed a class? Students can catch up with recorded lessons that can be viewed at their convenience.

Parents concerned about excessive screen time for their children can take comfort in the fact that each lesson lasts no more than 60 minutes, which is more than enough to adequately cover a given topic in the program.

Led by Geniebook’s in-house teachers, the online courses feature compelling visual cues, learning stories, and animations to keep students engaged. PHOTO: GENIEBOOK

Geniebook in-house teachers are trained to deliver online lessons, use digital tools to make lessons interesting, and help students better understand new concepts.

“Compared to the static whiteboards that students are used to, we can do a lot more on GenieClass with compelling visual cues and learning narratives, such as the use of animations showing the respiratory system in action for a science class, or bouncing decimals in a multiplication or division math class, ”says Julius Koh, an elementary math teacher.

you have a question? GenieAsk is where students can chat with teachers and their peers in real time as a new form of social learning. PHOTO: GENIEBOOK

GenieAsk: real-time chat with teachers

The most recent Geniebook product is GenieAsk, where social learning is promoted among communities of 50 students. This is done through virtual chats on the Geniebook online platform which are grouped according to different levels and topics.

Accessible between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on weekdays, each chat is moderated by two teachers to ensure a safe space where students can ask questions, get study tips and participate in activities, as well as ensure points of contact. learning are precise and engaging.

“Students receive personalized attention because we help them directly with their specific questions or doubts. Our quizzes and weekly activities also keep them engaged in their learning, ”explains Mr. Mohamed Faizal, a primary English teacher.

Students are also encouraged to help their peers problem-solve and learn from each other, learning social skills and proper online etiquette.

“When it comes to math, GenieAsk is a powerful way to reinforce learning, especially when students ask questions about key concepts. They can discuss the approach to these questions and teachers can intervene to guide their thinking, ”adds Kajendran, an elementary math teacher.

Education has changed dramatically, marked by an abandonment of physical classrooms due to the pandemic. With Geniebook, students can access personalized education that combines the best of technology and learning pedagogies to learn better and smarter.

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