This eLearning platform catalog duo includes nearly 2,000 courses to learn everything

TLDR: With nearly 2,000 courses alone, the Stone River eLearning and StackSkills Unlimited Lifetime Membership Pack provides all the training you need to learn just about anything.

2021 quickly counts down to its final days, with 2022 just a few weeks away. When you step back and think about all you’ve accomplished this year, are you happy with the results? Ask most people what their annual resolutions are and for those who haven’t met their goals, more than half say lack of self-control is what they did.

So for 2022… no excuses. With training in the Stone River eLearning and StackSkills Unlimited Lifetime Membership Bundle ($ 89, over 90% off), from TNW Deals), you’ll have access to nearly 2,000 courses worth in-depth training in virtually any discipline you can imagine, setting you up for great success by reaching all of your 2022 milestones.

It starts with a lifetime membership in Stone River eLearning. This online learning center is where you can dive in and learn almost any technical skill. With over 800 courses with over 4,800 hours of instruction, students can progress from novice to expert in all kinds of technology learning, spanning everything from web and mobile programming to web design, to building business. gaming applications, graphic design, 3D animation and more. As well as digging deeper into Bootstrap, Unity 3D, Java, Python, and beyond, this collection also includes plenty of VIP extras, including plenty of eBooks, personal tips, and even certification exams. With access to all this knowledge, students are ready to advance a career or simply add a new talent to their toolset.

And if you can’t find it in the hundreds of courses available on Stone River, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in the even larger StackSkills Unlimited archive. Their offerings of over 1,000 premium online courses provide even more opportunities to learn something new. Users have instant access to their shortlisted catalog, going beyond technology to include courses in marketing, finance, business, and more. With hundreds of the web’s best instructors in mind, students can learn about blockchain, growth hacking and beyond, with over 50 new courses added to the collection each month.

Between the two sets of training in this Stone River eLearning and StackSkills Unlimited Lifetime Membership Bundle, there won’t be much that a motivated student couldn’t learn. At the regular price of nearly $ 13,000 for unlimited access, both stocks are available as part of this package for pennies on the dollar, only $ 89 during the duration of this offer.

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