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News from FrankCapability
FrankCapability – an innovative Wellington-based company dedicated to delivering applied decision-making skills courses – is hosting its official launch this week.

FrankCapability was co-founded by Emily Mason and Nicole Howarth.

Emily: “A driving force in establishing FrankCapability is our belief that New Zealand is best served by effective decision-making. In a world where we face increasingly complex challenges in ever shorter timeframes, the need for pedagogy to make big decisions is more crucial than ever.”

Nicole: “I think our capacity building program, which is based on the knowledge of experienced policy practitioners, has been innovative. We’ve developed a strong and proven combination of facilitator-led live sessions with self-directed online modules because research tells us delivers the best learning outcomes.

“This week, we are proud to announce a full suite of nine courses. We cover all the bases, from writing for ministers and senior leaders to writing great analysis and storytelling for better decisions.

“We are also proud to announce that we are launching our first digital badge for our flagship course, Policy Fundamentals. Adding digital credentials to our offering is further recognition of our focus on meeting the growing training needs of the future workforce.”

Emily, who was the original founder of policy consultancy firm FrankAdvice, and Nicole, the new CEO of FrankCapability, say they were inspired by Wellington’s new Mayor Tory Whanau’s aspiration to make Wellington a city impact.

Emily: “We work very closely with officials in Wellington. We know how essential they are to keeping the heart of the city beating, and we salute the hard and inspiring work they do every day to create positive impacts for all New Zealanders.”

Background information:

FrankAdvice and Frank Capability operate as sister companies. FrankAdvice (frankadvice.co.nz) offers a wide range of advisory services through an experienced team of policy professionals operating in private practice. FrankCapability (frankcapability.co.nz) offers a comprehensive suite of applied decision-making skills courses. During its establishment and start-up phase, FrankCapability has already proven its value and positive impact by delivering a popular set of courses to over 1200 learners in over 34 organizations.

Norma A. Roth