ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor: The future of education is hybrid

By Rajiv Bakshi

One of the sectors most affected by Covid-19 was education – with the closure of schools, colleges and educational institutes, the entire system had to go online overnight.

With over 1.55 million schools and 248 million students, India is home to the world’s largest education sector by volume. The adaptation of students and teachers to the new normal has led to an exponential boom in the information technology industry, which is expected to grow from the current $ 800 million to nearly $ 30 billion by 2032.

To identify emerging trends dominating both metropolitan and non-metropolitan parents regarding their expectations regarding online education and edtech applications, ZEE5 conducted the ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor survey.

The survey uncovered some interesting consumer ideas and preferences in terms of online education. It was found that 49% of metro parents understand the importance of e-learning for their children, and 43% of non-metro parents prefer e-learning for their children. This narrowing of the gap between urban and semi-urban / rural areas proves the acceleration of e-learning as a national trend. Although 47% of parents believe that online learning amplified their children’s academic progress, over 40% of parents said internet connectivity was the biggest barrier to online learning. The overall outlook for online education has changed for the better, with 50% of parents wanting to embrace online learning permanently for their children. Additionally, 63% of parents see e-learning as an investment in their child’s future and say price is no longer the drag when it comes to choosing this format.

The edtech revolution has been one of the most remarkable advancements in the Indian education space, with the biggest benefit being the democratization of education. There is no doubt that the future of education will be a hybrid model that combines the offline learning experience in the classroom with the innovation and creativity offered by edtech platforms.

The author is Director of Operations, Revenue, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL)

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